Our Services



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General Administration

  • Creating/editing/formatting documents, templates & guides

  • Creating & editing presentations

  • Creating spreadsheets

  • Spreadsheet data entry

  • Creating reports

  • Invoicing

  • Resume Writing

  • Data Entry

  • Internet Research

  • Managing Editorial Calendar

  • Managing Calendar

  • Logo Creation/Canva Creation

  • Call or email you/clients with reminders

  • Type up notes/minutes etc

  • Sort your expenses and receipts for personal use/tax returns

  • Research your competitors

  • Review your website

  • Capturing of Insurance Claims

  • Capturing of New Listings onto Property 24/relevant websites on your behalf



agreements or legal



  • Association Agreement

  • Shareholders’ Agreement

  • Sale of Business Agreement

  • Sale of Membership Interest Agreement

  • Sale of shares Agreement

  • Employment Agreement

  • Independent Contractor Agreement

  • Lease Commercial premises

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement  

  • Employment Agreements   

  • General Power of Attorney

  • Special Power of Attorney

  • Last Will and Testament

  • Living Will

  • Trust Deed

  • Sale of Motor Vehicle Agreement   

  • Sale/Lease of Property Agreements

  • Unopposed Divorce – Settlement Agreement

Client Management

  • Set appointments with new/existing clients

  • Complete client administration

  • Submission of documentation to service providers

  • Delegation of process admin

  • Obtaining client FICA and supporting documentation

  • Pre filling application forms

Contact Management

  • Create a spreadsheet of your contacts

  • Add contacts to your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system

  • CRM Data Entry

  • CR Management

  • Canvassing/Cold calling

Email Management

  • Responding to emails on your behalf

  • Creating Email Campaign Content

  • Email Marketing

Blog Management

  • Blog Content Creation

  • Blog Management / Responding to Blog Comments on your behalf

  • Set up a new blog

Social Media Management

  • Facebook Posts

  • Facebook Group Management

  • Social Media Site Management

  • Create pages on social media sites

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