Frequently asked questions

What communication platform is used for working with my Virtual Assistant?

We strive to make life easier for you, so we adapt to the platforms that work for you. Our existing clients delegate tasks using Whatsapp, Skype, Zoom, Google Teams and Email etc.

Where will my Virtual Assistant be situated?

Our Virtual Assistants are located across South Africa.

Will I have one dedicated Assistant or multiple Assistants?

Depending on your individual needs, you may have a single or multiple assistants. However, it is our aim to ensure uninterupted service.

Can my Virtual Assistant manage my calendar and email inbox?

Of Course! Share and grant permission to your Virtual Assistant and she/he can read, reply and delete on your behalf.

What can I expect after I have signed up?

Our sign up process will obtain the necessary information to determine which tasks need to be completed and the skills involved. We will then select the best assistant for your needs and introduce you via email. Then you can start delegating tasks to your Virtual Assistant.

What happens when my Virtual Assistant is ill or goes on holiday?

In the case of your Virtual Assistant becoming ill, Co. Assist can provide a backup assistant if your tasks require urgency. Alternatively, your Virtual Assistant will make up for the hours missed that has been discussed and agreed by you.

How will my Virtual Assistant track his/her time?

Our Virtual Assistants track their time using toggl timing software. Regular time reports can be sent to you as required.

How long will I be able to work with my Virtual Assistant?

Your Virtual Assistant will assist you for as long as you require their services and keep up your monthly membership.

Will my Virtual Assistant work on weekends?

Our standard business hours are Monday to Friday. You can delegate your tasks at anytime and your Virtual Assistant will commence with the tasks on the following business day.

Is there a minimum charge?

We charge a minimum of one hour.

How will my privacy and data be protected?

We take the security of your data very seriously. We make sure all confidential information is stored within secure systems. We also have all of our Virtual Assistants sign non-disclosure agreements so that your infomation stays confidential.